Beyond Forever

Book 3 of ‘The Angelheart Saga’

Author- Annie Woods

Genre- Young Adult

Pages- 331

*Me in a conversation with author Annie Woods*

me- Are you sure this ends here? Does it really have to end here?

Annie- Yes, it does end here.

(I see the light leaving my body)

me- But but.. What happens next? I mean, isn’t there going to be another series with Pip as the protagonist? He knows now. Omg. He knows now. I need to know what happens next.

Annie- umm.. There might be a fourth standalone sequel book in the future. May be..

(I see the light entering my body again)

So.. You see? I LOVED THIS BOOK okay? And I want more of it. Like more more *inserting puppy eyes*

Beyond Forever‘ is the third and sadly the last book of The Angelheart Saga. The first and second books of this series are First Came Forever and Forever Disguised respectively.

Okay! This had one of the best epilogues of all time. My heart was in my mouth when I found out what Pip found out and I was like, Holy Shit! This cannot end here. You would know what I’m talking about if you’ve read the book.

I can totally picture myself in place of Erica- that confused teenager who doesn’t know where life is heading, what she should be doing, who she should be with and making a complete mess out of her life. Even though Tyler made it completely clear that if Erica chooses to visit the orphanage, Tyler will break all bond with her, Erica chose to visit the orphanage with Philip (but at what cost?) It was no surprise what Queen Estelle had planned and I had my doubts about Sasha being aware of it and even being a part of the plan. So on the day of Erica’s return, Philip’s passport had a few problems and they got stuck in the royal palace in Andonia. (Surprise-Surprise?)

As days passed by with no luck of Philip’s passport issue getting solved, Erica’s doubts started piling up. On the other hand, Tyler was a total mess. He didn’t know how to spend the rest of his life without Erica and Philip. Erica missed him but she also didn’t want to part away from Sasha even though the royal palace felt like a golden cage to her. Chaos that her life already is, she must decide where her priorities lie before their lives gets entangled in an emotional turmoil.

My views- An action packed YA romance, full on drama, politics and suspense is remarkably scarce. This book have it all. You cannot put away the book even for a moment, it’s such a page turner. The book includes diverse characters and it’s not just left at that. Their love stories are beautifully portrayed and given enough exposure as that of the main characters’. I could see a huge improvement in Annie’s writing style, be it the world building, or the character development or every plot twist that comes in the way.


The escape of Magdalene and Elijah from the ranch, the attack on Charles, how Francesca succeeded in escaping from Marcus Riesi’s grip, was oh-so-action packed. I kept biting my nails through all of it, needing to just know what happens next. The second half of the book however, seemed a little boring. I think I got so used to all the action and drama that I kept expecting more and more of it. But, anyway, it wasn’t required as the second half focused more on the broken relationship of Tyler and Erica. It took a beautiful unexpected turn and I am happy about it because Erica ended up with the one I was vouching for. YAY! I am so happy that everyone found a closure, a home, a happy ending. But then Annie threw the Epilogue right onto my face and now I am not ready to say goodbye to this series. Nope. I need more pleaseeeeee.

My rating- 4.8/5

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