Forever Disguised

Book 2 of The Angelheart Saga

Author- Annie Woods

Genre- Fiction (Young Adult)

Pages- 327

At mere 19 years of age, Erica Lindell lost the love of her life, is pregnant with his child and now married to a man she doesn’t love, all for the sake of protecting her child. Not quite of an ideal life for a teenage girl, is it? Well, a marriage life is not the only thing Erica has to get hold of. There’s a man secretly following her, waiting for one opportunity to kill her and erase all traces of the only heir to the throne. While picking up pieces of her almost shattered life, will she be able to protect her baby from the evils lurking around? Read the second book of ‘The Angelheart Saga’ trilogy by Annie Woods and dive deep into the heart wrenching story of Erica Lindell.


My views – I found the second book more action packed than the first one. Don’t judge me but I think Erica was not quite likeable in this book. She turned out to be that heroine who needs to HAVE IT ALL. I am Team Tyler so I kinda favour Erica-Tyler more than Erica-Sasha. Tyler was that guy who was all protective and an ideal husband but with the entry of Sasha into their life again, Tyler was portrayed as an asshole and this disappointed me. But well we have the third book so fingers crossed. May all work well for Tyler and Erica.

I am eagerly waiting for my copy of the third book to arrive at my doorstep. I am pretty much impressed by Wood’s work here. She knows her way around words to build up the suspense. I loved the story telling, I loved the plot twists and I effing loved Tyler. I blame the YA authors for creating such ideal boyfriends in their fictional world that we end up expecting such men in real life and getting disappointed. If you haven’t read this series yet, I would definitely recommend you to try it once.

My rating- 4.4/5

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