First Came Forever

Book 1: The Angelheart Saga

Author- Annie Woods

Genre- Young Adult

Pages- 322

‘First Came Forever’ by Annie Woods introduces the 18 year old Swedish girl Erica Lindell, who goes backpacking to Cambodia along with her friends. While she was keen to explore historical places, her friends were more into boys and booze and partying all night. Leaving her friends, she sets alone to do her own ‘touristy thing’, when she meets Sasha Ailes. Sasha is this extremely hot mascular guy right out of a cosmopolitan magazine. No wonder Erica found herself falling head over heels in love with Sasha. Within a very short period, they bonded well and when the time came to say goodbye, they could not bear the thought of drifting apart. All this time, Erica had little idea about Sasha’s true identity. An infatuated teenager that she was, will she have an everlasting true bond with Sasha? Or will they end up in a mess just like any other complicated teen couple?

My views- This is not just any other teenage romance. There’s drama, there’s politics and there’s action you generally wouldn’t expect from a YA romance. There’s nothing I disliked about the book, except that the first few chapters were very ordinary- guy meets a girl, love at first sight, a promise to stay forever sort of. So, I wasn’t really into the book right from the start. But after Erica arrived in the US and there’s the entry of the second dashing hero Tyler (cheerleaders screaming in the background), I completely lost myself in the book. With all the plot twists unfolding thereafter, kept me hooked till the end.

I loved how the character of Erica was depicted as this sporty girl who takes no shit from a guy. I adore the bond between Tyler and Erica (they are so cute together). Sasha and Erica did have the chemistry but sorry I am team Tyler. I loved Danny and Rick as well. They are exactly the kind of friends we wish for while Miriam is this toxic bff I would rather not have (sorry-not sorry).

One complaint I have though is that, there was no proper indication in the change of scenes. There’s just one line of gap to indicate an abrupt change in the scene, and it got pretty annoying I would say. The texts are tiny and the gaps so little that you might even miss it and continue reading in a flow.

However, the plot is amazing and literally one of the best YA I have ever read. Eagerly waiting to read the second book of the trilogy.

My rating- 4.2/5

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