When Broken Hearts Meet

Love finds its way

– By Arushi Vats

‘When Broken Hearts Meet’ by Arushi Vats is a romantic tale, starring the protagonists Avanti, the conflicted girl and Suhaas, the ‘Oh-so-charming boy’. Avanti has just come out of her bad relationship when she meets her best friend’s brother Suhaas. The two of them clicked when they first met each other. They knew they had a soft corner for the other but for some reasons, they couldn’t express their feelings. Things get more complicated between the two when Avanti’s ex boyfriend decides to step in back in her life. Avanti finds a way out to keep away from her ex, but in turn creates trouble for Suhaas. A story of love, hatred, revenge, heart breaks, friendships and bond, this book has it all. Where will destiny take both Suhaas and Avanti? There’s a past they are both hiding and running away from. Will they overcome their fear of commitment? Read the book to find out.

My views- To be honest, I would have enjoyed it if I were a teenager as this story was full of teenage drama. I could somewhere relate to Avanti. A confused soul with a broken heart and a past that haunts her, she is so much similar to the 17 year old me. But, from an adult’s point of view, I did not enjoy it. The story is not that gripping and there’s nothing unique about it. A lot of the instances narrated in the story has happened with me and I’m pretty sure, it might have happened with other people in their teenage as well. The narration is fairly okay, the pace is good and the language is simple, easier for everyone to understand. The twists and turns brought some excitement for a time being. If I have to recommend it, I will only recommend it to teenagers who has a liking for romance genre.

My ratings- 3.3/5


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